What To Say To A Salford Lady In The Sack

dirty languageDirty Language Always Work

Talking dirty is something I’ve gotten really good at over the years. Up here in Salford there are lots of ladies that like to hear seductive language – especially the ladies who I meet from online dating, who just know what they want me to say in the sack. Sometimes I listen and sometimes I say what I want, because I sure know how to make her horny in bed if I want to. Here’s a quick rundown of some of my best tips for what to say to a Salford Lady in the sack. I’ll make sure to keep the phrases in general English rather than use the Salford slang that really works up here. All that to say, if you want to bring your casual sex to the next level then you need to know what to say in the sack. Seductive language can come in many forms, just as long as you make her horny it doesn’t matter what language you use.

Seductive Language

My first rule is always to be clear about things before actually getting into the sack. That means being clear about how I want to use seductive language in general, and then when we’re having sex start describing what we’re doing using that seductive language. That way it’s no surprise to her when I start going for it. Think of it this way: say I used online dating to meet someone that I want to start having casual sex with. Well, online I will tell her that I like to use seductive language once and awhile, and it would be great if she did too. But maybe she is a bit shy, and just says well you can say what you want but I’m not sure.

When we start meeting up in person a few times I can begin to show her what I mean. I have a great skill at making her feel horny just by using seductive language. I will say what I want to do to her in this seductive tone, and then see her reaction. She will probably blush – but will also be turned on! Numerous times I’ve just had to start describing what I wanted to do to a lady before she took my cue and we got busy right there and then.

Seductive Language To Make Her Horny

It’s no good going around just saying that you like her breasts and want to touch them. You have to use your imagination and make a very direct description of what you want to do. It can be lengthy and build up, and should certainly entail a lot of scenes where you are doing something naughty to her. Women love hearing about this fantasy situations, it just really makes them so horny.

Dirty talk is all about the details. It’s about saying “I love the way you moan when you come” rather than “I love having sex with you”. One is dirty talk using seductive language. The other is just a bland point. Can you tell which is which?

Description matters when you want to seduce a woman, especially a women you might have just met online. Say for example the lady you met from online dating is a dog walker in Salford. Well, you can use analogies to dog walking or animal stuff to describe what you want to do to her. She will love that, and it gives you a theme to come back to and build on. She will probably return the favor and start describing you in all kinds of sexy ways.

This kind of seductive language is especially helpful if you are having casual sex. Why? Because you might not know her very well, so making her feel attached to you might take more than just your body. Women can have a hard to feeling horny, especially when meeting someone new, so if you want to a fast way to make her horny, then start using descriptive seductive language that sticks in her brain.

What To Say In The Sack

Other than her work life or hobbies or her body, I really like to talk about her smell. Smell is a really sensual essence than can be described so well with seductive language. Talk about how her smell stays with you long after sex, how you want to bottle it, how it makes you want to do nasty things to her, and how it just makes you so horny. Or another fun thing to focus on is while you are doing a new sex move, start describing how it feels to be doing what you’re doing. Always focus on what she is doing to you first, and then let her know how great it feels to be giving it to her in the sack. If that does not make her horny then nothing will!

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