Spotting Online Dating Scams: Surefire Ways To Spot Fake UK Websites

date scamHow To Spot Scam Sites

There are so many scam sites out there in the online dating site world that sometimes it is hard to know where to turn. If ever you are looking for a legitimate online dating site to meet single ladies on, then I recommend I’ve used it for years and always get so many date opportunities that I have a hard time keeping up. There are some obvious reasons for why is a legitimate site – but to understand why, it’s important to look at some of the surefire ways to spot fake UK websites. That’s going to be your main issue when it comes to online dating, and there are some great online dating sites like that help clarifying what is a scam site and what’s not. While it might seem like each scam site might have different things about them that are scams, you can be rest assured there are some major themes that will help you figure out if it’s a scam site or a legitimate online dating site.

Scam Sites

There are two major different kinds of scam sites. The first kind of scam site pertains to the entire site. These sites are set up by coders and they probably have 5,000 fake profiles of women and men of all ages, personality types, and hobbies. You can notice that it’s a scam site by the name alone, sometimes. If the name sounds a little bit silly, or just not quite like a real business name would sound, then that’s one clue. The next clue is the layout of the site. Is it extremely flashy and full of stock photos of women that look like models or pornstars? I’ve come across a lot of these kinds of sites in the UK, and never once did I feel interested in checking them out. You can just tell from looking at the homepage that there is nothing legitimate about any of the members. If you go on one of these sites and try to meet people like they did at, you will not be surprised to end up with no dates over a two to three month period. Of course you will have had to pay for those two months, with a cancellation fee on top of that. It’s not good, and thanks to most of us will be able to avoid these scam dating sites.

Scam Profile Sites

Scam profile sites are quite different. These are profiles of fake people on legitimate websites that target specific people. The scammers often live outside of the country and are able to make a believable enough profile to escape restrictions from the online dating site. There are a number of key features to be aware of with these scam profile sites, and none of them are the same all the time, so pay close attention.

Scam Profile Pictures

Scam profile pictures are usually stock images of random people taken from google. If you are unsure, a good first move is to check the profile image in Google to trace it back to it’s owner. If it does not trace back to the specific person you are chatting with, then you have a scam on your hands. Another thing to watch out for is if the profile picture and the messaging picture icon do not match. Just do a thorough search of the persons images to see if they all match up. One last thing to be aware of with scam profile pictures: if you see a lot of images that display excessive amounts of wealth, then be extremely cautious.

Scam Profiles

Scam profiles are usually pretty simple. If it’s a women, you can expect them to be younger and from Eastern Europe or an African nation, but living in the UK. That’s the first weird thing to ask about, and be prepared for an elaborate answer because scam artists often make up lies about why they can’t make it back to the UK, and if you could help them pay to get home. It’s all lies.

If it’s a man’s profile, take note of the profession – probably an engineer or self-employed. Again, the minute you inquire about their jobs or lives you are inviting a whole bunch of lies. At this point you need to be strong and just end any conversation with them

As you might know, once you get chatting with an online dating site scam artist, you can expect them to have some kind of disaster that keeps them from getting home. Something will have happened by surprise to them or someone they are with that keeps them stuck far away but wanting you to pay for a flight home.

One last major thing to be aware of with scam profiles is their grammar. Their grammar and style of speech will be very unusual, and totally inconsistent. Aside from weird words that don’t mean anything being texted to you, you can also expect a lot of romantic language. This is all to convince you to pay them.

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