3 Steps to Improving Your Dating Game in Toronto

great dating experienceI How to Bring your Dating Game to a Whole New Level


Okay, so you’ve signed up for a dating profile, and you’ve gotten connected to a couple ladies that want to go out on a date with you.

Now what?

Do you know how to look good?

Are you ready to learn how to get laid?

Well, here’s the part where your natural charm, charisma, personality, and fashion sense go make all the difference. The internet reveals only the things about ourselves that we allow, and nothing else. The real world is a much scarier place, where our physical identities are laid bare, and there is nowhere else to hide. Hookup dating sites just help bring us together. They will not help us learn how to look good, or help us get laid.

It’s a challenge to bring your real life dating game to the level of your internet presence. One is real and the other is partly fictitious, made up of the best parts about you on your best days. Sure, maybe you could sit in front of your computer in pajamas and punch out some funny jokes that really got her going. That’s good start, but not gonna fly on date night. For example, you were probably eating cereal and hadn’t shaved in a couple days. And you don’t want her to find out that you’re unemployed either, or that you really don’t have a good fashion sense at all.

How to navigate all these tricky areas? Well, I’ve compiled 3 steps to improve your dating game, making it easier to actualize your dating persona in the real world. If by chance you are unsatisfied with your current dating site, then you’ll be happy to know that there are some better options for dating sites out there for you.

Tip 1: How To Convince A Girl To Hook up

Women in the online hookup sites usually like to be impressed by how much you know about them. It would be a total shame if you arrived to a date that you arranged and knew very little about the life of your date. So take a minute, look over her profile 3 or 4 times, and get an idea of the kinds of questions you might want to ask her about her life. Nothing is more alluring than curiosity and interest – that’s a real turn on. No doubt she has an idea of who you are, and will ask you a lot of questions too, so it’s best for you to match her question to question.

The worst would be if you just got on talking about yourself all night. Sure it’s fun, but it’s not good date night etiquette. You gotta learn when to stop a train of thought, and turn things around back to her. That’s how to ensure you get laid from online hookup sites. If you have nerves, they will probably come out in trying to say too much, trying to speak too fast, maybe not making much sense. The key is to hold your cool, and don’t come across as too excited. Sure it’s cute, but it’s definitely not sexy, so just remember to embody your online persona: cool, calm, collected, and exciting. Of course, a little bit of self-deprecation is never out of place on a date.

What To Wear On A Date

Here’s the thing: women like men who dress in a simple, clean cut way. Rarely will they be turned on by a bright yellow shirt that you think makes you look like a Californian surfer. Save that for a date down the line, when you know each other a bit better. It’s much smarter to show off your manly simplicity. Black, white, or grey make the best first impression. It’s professional and proper, and that’s sexy even if it’s a plain white shirt and black pants.

All too often men think they have quirky style, and that this quirky style is part of their identity. In reality, this quirky-ness is actually just bad fashion sense. Women pick up on this instantly, so don’t risk it. Especially on online hookup sites, women want men who are not going to play around with them or waste their time. So figure out what to wear on a date by wearing what you would to work.

How To Get Laid

Here’s another real key in figuring out how to get laid: the location of the date. Keep a log of places that make sense for a date, and then suggest those. Take, for example, the AGO in Toronto. That’s a great date spot, because it’s right close to places for a bite too. My personal fave is Allens Gardens, a really peaceful and lush place to have some alone time amongst the greenery. It’s these kinds of surprising choices that will reveal a spontaneity and creativity in your character that will undoubtedly bring her closer to you.

The best way to go about it is to arrange something in the afternoon that then leads to a dinner, followed by who knows what. Dinner is only one of the date options, don’t forget that! Of course, I don’t recommend any loud venue spaces or awkward cafe’s for a first date instead. Dinner is a better option. Just leave it open, let her have an input too, that way each of you feel involved and excited. You should offer to pay of course, but maybe you won’t have to pick the spot.

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